Thursday, February 28, 2008

Seven Random Things about Me

1) Tomorrow I sign on property for my new house. The subdivision is so new that both Google and Yahoo Maps doesnt even have it on their maps. No internet directions to my house! 2) I found out today that Cherry Tree Hill has a new yarn called Lottery. It is so new that they dont even have it listed on their website, but they are selling it on Ebay. I also know that it is NOT a lottery. My LYS is NOT having a raffle of a basket of Wool in the Woods. The ladies behind the counter got so confused by my question today that they charged me an extra $2 for the skein that I bought. What I saw was an enormous basked to gorgeous skeins with a big sign that said, "Lottery $20". When I tried to buy a ticket for the "Lottery", all hell broke loose. 3) I'm taking off for Cabo san Lucas in four weeks, and I havent asked for time off from work yet. 4) I bought new house numbers for my mailbox that screw on because at 40F BELOW glue does not work and they all fell off. Stamps fall off envelops in the mailbox, self adhesive mailing labels line the inside. Let's see the cold take off my screwed on letters. Come and get me Mother Nature! 5) I lost 9lbs in the last two weeks on the South Beach diet. I am very tired of scrambled eggs and meat salads. I will kill any small child that might walk by me eating pancakes. Why a small child might walk by me with pancakes is another question. 6) I Zune, not I-Tune. But I would like to buy a MacBook. and... 7) Today is the 13th anniversary of the miscarriage of my first pregnancy. The wonderful man I married has a son who's birthday is today. I found my lost child through him. "Only through great loss can we truly appreciate the beauty of great joy."


Tama said...

Thanks for your "7 random"!

pat said...

So - Where is your property??