Monday, February 4, 2008

Superbowl knitting and lab chewing

I was so excited with these Log Cabin Socks that I started for my sock model, Boy5. Ordered the Dream in Color - Classy in "Happy Forest" because he loves green and orange (but thankfully not together). This sock knits up tremendously quick. I started the ribbing Saturday night and worked my way past the heel during the Superbowl. I am not too excited about the hand-wound ball. It doesn't stay in one place like the center-pull balls on the winder, but MrK decided to bite into my stash while I was away. I have to wrap all my fiber in plastic bags, or else he drags them all over the house. I must have left it out of the sack, cause when I got home, it was all out-of-hank, in a large soft pile on my desk. Great, wool is not so easy to wind up when it is all tangled up, coated in dog slobber, seeded with traction sand and ingrained with mutt-hair. Took me nearly an hour to detangle and clean. He must have used it as a dry mop, cause it looked like a Christmas tree with all that ornamentation.
So, ball in hand, hours watching a game, I knit a whirl of green cabled madness. Fingers like lightning, feet up and down for changing the loads of laundry, sock with thick sock yarn knitting up mega-speed. I was excited to see the sock features so swiftly come about.
Incidentally, neither DH or myself watch football, so I have to plop down once a year and fully commit myself to America's pasttime and absorb the all important Superbowl commercials. My favorite being the eTrade ads. Nothing maternal or anything, but that talking baby has my vote for originality. And not near as creepy as the clown in the background.
Adding to my list of tasks for the day (hate Mondays), I now have to add warming up the truck. Now much easier with the assistance of the new auto-start remote. My old remote's key pad went the way of the trash having had it's buttons pressed too hard for the past three years. Driving into town is such a pain at oh... -42F this morning. Lovely, the truck NEVER fully warms up, there is almost no fuel in the tank, so I have to go to the gas station first, yarn shop second, and since it is such an endeavour to get all the way to town (10 minutes) I will most likely have to stop in at the gym and get in at least the requisite half hour of cardio. Damn dog.


Twinkerbell said...

Yay! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I am so glad I get the chance to visit other people's blogs and share our love for knitting :) I love the way those green socks are turning out, so pretty!

Lisa, blogless said...

Labs stop around 4 years as long as they get lots of walks. They are working dogs and needs lots of work to keep them busy. Mine is 4 1/2 and still must be walked a min. of a mile a day. Not a retriever tho, oh no, not him. So we walk til he drops. Love your socks! Good luck, and have lots of nyla bones for him. Lisa