Wednesday, April 30, 2008

WOYN Wednesday

So, What is On Your Needles today? I have my 2nd sleeve for my MrChinatownApplePants. I had to drop into Inua Wool to pick up some size9 dpns, cause the size7dpns didn't cut it on the 1st sleeve (which still needs to be frogged). Pattern calls for a size8, I only had dpns in size7 and thought they would work. Well, low and behold, my dpn guage is much tighter than my circular guage, so off to the frog pond for sleeve#1.

And can I tell you how evil Inua is? I go in their for a simple set of dpns and end up walking out with a new sock in my queue! I have been drooling over the Annetrelac Sock and the Six-Stitch Tessellated Faux Entrelac from More Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch. I plan to combine the patterns by using the Komi Star and the Pinstriping on the foot from the Faux Entrelac then using the entrelac from the Annetrelac. I am excited to start on this soon. It is not on the needles yet, but I believe I will be doing this one next. I am just curious how the Noro will mix with the Koigu, and would love someone to comment on how you feel they will wash up together.

And still on my needles are my CaboWabo toe-up Jaywalkers. As you can tell from my balls of yarn there was some frogging on these this weekend. I got to the finishing of the first heel and tried them on to find that they were about an inch and a half too long. Too narrow to gift to someone with larger feet, I decided to frog back and inch and a half past the increases for the heel (which left me with three inches of the sock left) and start again. Working all week, I am finally four rows away from re-starting that first heel.

I can't knit as much anymore as work has started here at the Dredge. I would wax poetically about how excited I am that Tourist Season has finally come and my focus is shifting to getting the property ready for 46,000 guest, but IT SNOWED AGAIN LAST NIGHT!!!! Can you believe it? Is this April 30th or April Fool's Day?
Oh, and tomorrow is the drawing for the Blogiversary giveaway. Tonight is the last chance to enter for the Options needle set. Good luck!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

So much for a weekend bike ride.

DH and I were heading down to summer storage and were just about ready to go on our first bike ride of the season, when we looked out the window yesterday morning and saw this. More snow. Almost all of our snow was gone. The summer bikepaths were cleared off all the gravel, the weather was reaching into the high 50's, when BHAM! SNOW, SNOW, and more SNOW! Well, at the very least, I have more time this weekend to knit. Oh, and rip. But I will save the frog pond for Sunday.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

My hair is GONE!

Okay, I went in today for what felt like a dramatic change in my life. I went from waist length hair to shoulder length. I haven't had hair this short in well over six years. And seriously, it needed to go!

I would be driving the work truck and go to turn my head to look for oncoming traffic and my hair would be trapped between my body and the seat. I would wake up at night with my DH sleeping on my hair. And I don't want to talk about the nasty rats that I pull from every orifice in the house: shower drains, vacuum cleaner, lint trap, uh. And my knitting. How often did I knit a pair of socks only to find a woven hair trailing a couple rows. Far too often!

Well, not any more. I told my stylist to cut it. Chop it off. Do it quick before I change my mind.

Here I am in Bonaire on the cruise with my hair down.

And here I am today, all short. All that friz, gone. All that weight pulling on my head, gone. All the split ends, all the stringy hair, all of it... ...gone.

And what goes great with an awesome haircut? Yeah, an awesome tube of lipstick. The salon is an Aveda retailer and they use the best Aveda shampoos and styling products. My hair smells as amazing as it looks, and I could not pass on the new Aveda shades. I love this one.

I can say that DH is not happy with my decision. He hasn't said a single thing about it, which means he is smart enough to keep his opinion to himself. I was really starting to hate my hair, so it was time for it to GO!

I just try not to think about the cost and how much yarn I could have bought.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Blogiversary give-away

And good things for YOU...

May 1st is my 1st Blogiversary and I've got some really special things to give to one lucky knitter!

1) Knit Picks Options Interchangeable Circular Knitting needles binder case

2) Knit Picks Options Interchangeable Nickel Plated Circular Knitting Needle Set

3) one hank KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud in TidePool

4) 2 skeins Panda Cotton: 55% bamboo, 24% cotton, & 21% elastic nylon in Rosewater
Just place a comment in this posting with your name/blog address and I will random number generate a WINNER!!!!

Lucky Leaflings

ha, Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Socks that Rock, Rockin' Sock Club pattern for March: Leafling

Yarn: STR mediumweight Lucky
Needles: 40"circ size 2
Cast on: March24 Bind off: April 7
The pattern was completely new for me. I have never completed a "gusset and flap" heel and would have fallen in love with the extra squish and cushion had the socks not been far to large. I made the adult medium and the gusset is way, way too loose. I will have to make these gift socks for someone with very thick ankles. I was between Juneau and Seattle on a plane when I was knitting the gussets, and didnt try them on until I was way into the foot. Already too late for me. Some knitters will rip out anything if they dont like them. I just gift to someone else.

Here is more heel detail. The cushioning at the bottom of the heel is so nice! I also added some finishing detail because I didnt like how the design just hit a dead-end at the toe, so I tapered the design out to the toe a bit more. It isn't as shape on the detail as I would have liked, but I am happy still.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

WOYN Wednes

Whats On Your Needles Wednesday?

Here are my Mitered Squares so far, some are under the purse, all nice and pressed and in the front is a pile of completed miters without washing or blocking. All in all, 15 miters done.

Here is where I do all my work at night: downstairs at the bar. DH likes to go down and have a puff on his pipe and we talk over our day and I get some knitting time in.

Most of my knitting gets done upstairs in my office. I figured since Ravelry is killing my blog, I will use actual true to life photos instead of the nice staged photos I like to see on Ravelry. This is my blog and I will do it any way I feel like.
And since the mood struck me as well: here is a shot for my MrGreenjeans sweater from the Dream in Color Classy in my favorite of their colorways Chinatown Apple. This sweater is a dream to work on. The yarn is heaven and the pattern is so easy.