Thursday, February 21, 2008

Photo shoot

Yesterday was way to overcast again to take pictures of all my stash, and I have been so excited to add all of the masses to my Ravelry stash. Well, today I figured, If I can't get the sun to come in to take pictures, I will take the stash to the sun. While yes, it is unseasonably warm here in the Interior, it is still not warm enough to take pictures outside, so I needed to find a south facing window. The changing room has plants cover the window, the bedroom isn't great, the living room has heavy curtains and a couch in front of the window, and the kids wouldn't appreciate me taking picture of their rooms (let alone I dont want to go in there unless ABSOLUTELY necessary.) So, how about trekking all of my stash, and camera, and backdrop down to the office. Besides, I am supposed to be working down there anyway. Taking my lunch break, I grabbed everything and began to set the "shoot" up. I have this awesome Radiometer which is sealed in a glass ball and when exposed to radiant light-sunlight, the black coated sides of the solar wings absorb more light energy than the silver sides. Air pressure builds up on the black side so it causes the wings to spin within the semi-vacuum. The spinning intensifies when exposed to stronger sunlight, but wont spin at all under fluorescent light. That way I know if there is enough light to take pictures without using the dreaded flash. When I started taking pictures, the radiometer was spinning slowly, as the sun was being obscured by the bunkhouse adjacent to my red office. As I was taking pictures, the sun came to the west side of the building and I was actually getting direct light into the office. The radiometer starting spinning like mad and I ended up taking over 200 pictures. I will narrow them down, photoshop the light amount to greater represent the actual colors, and post them tomorrow (hopefully). Here is how the set up began:


Tama said...

Wow, the new yarn looks GREAT! Can't wait to see the results of the shoot.

Tama said...

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