Wednesday, August 29, 2007

WIP - August 29

Waving Lace socks... so close to being done with my September socks. I just have to wait until Saturday {for it to be September} so I can kitcher-stitch them off to take credit for them being finished in September for the SOMkal. So excited to have my third pair of socks off the needles and then onto my feet.

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sesamestreetknitter said...

When I was looking on how to do the toe up socks, I tried Wendy's way and It confused me. then I kept looking and found

All you do is cast on using the backwards loop. For my size (9) you cast on 16 stitches. then knit across those 16 and that needle is called #1. then turn it over so the loops are on top. Then pick up 8 stitches for #2 and then pick up the last 8 stitches for #3. after you have a total of 32 stitches. you increase until you have 60 stitches total and 30 of those will be on #1.

Check out that site the instructions are under Sockolator. I hope that helps.