Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Love/Hate relationship with mailman

Today I love my mailman, he delivered what the Ebay-Gods bestowed onto thee.
Most of the time I detest my mailman, I "know" he reads all my magazines before I get them, wears my clothes that I ordered (oh, mental break... **envisioning mailman in my VS order** not even close to Sexy ...back now, humor restored).
Yes, I am now almost an official blog knitter. As soon as I can find an item to Esty and offer a discount to other knitters, then I will be OFFICIAL. Maybe my sock blockers if they ever come out, or get started...
Until then, I no longer need my two feet and the SnB book to wind up a center-pull ball. Now I need a yarn swift. From free (feet) to $90 (winder & swift), how the heck did that happen?

1 comment:

pat said...

I got my swift here...
with a 50% off coupon and free shipping it wasn't too horrible, but I still have the most expensively dressed feet in town (sockwise, not shoewise!)
Your Campanula's will be beautiful in the softer pink!