Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wednesday's WIPs | August 22, 2007

My September Sock-A-Month, Interweave Knit's Waving Lace socks are still "on the needles". As you can see, first sock is complete, second one has one more chart length and the heel/foot/toe still to complete. They have been a fun little knit. My first lace sock. I love the Lorna's Lace, but I wish I would have chosen a watercolor.
I am still waiting on the pattern for the Campula's (sp?) sock. Honestly, I am a little annoyed. If you are going to offer something for a donation, then you should diligently hold up your end of the obligation. It is a great cause, but so far... poorly implimented. Not to upset though, I have yet to receive the yarn in the mail.
I patiently await the mailman. I have four hats that were commissioned, and people waiting on them. The sooner I get my internet order, the sooner I can cast on and put the Waving Lace on hold so I actually finish my September socks in September.

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pat said...

They look beautiful in the LL "Lakeview" - very rivery, watery and flowing!