Friday, August 3, 2007

Roza's Socks struck gold!

Pattern: Roza's Sock from Interweave Knits Spring 2007
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill in Cabin Fever
Needle: Susan Bates size 2

I finally struck gold with size 3 needles. Pattern calls for size0, but I am such a tight knitter that I had to move up to a 2, from swatch at size0, first sock at size1, trial sock started on size3, then frogged back to a 2. Now I can wear them. Still waiting to make my sock blocker that a fellow Goldstreamer (once an Alaskan, always an Alaskan). I couldn't wait to block them, off the dpns and onto my footsies this morning!


pat said...

The Roza socks are beautiful in the CTH Cabin Fever...what a pretty colorway! and look at all that gold! You are rich - think of all the sock yarn you could buy!
Come on ...those bags of dirt are stocked and you know it...although my kids were so persistent that we got more than our share - they went after all that others missed...had to drag them away!
(PS - So far I have never actually used the blockers to block my socks - just a nice way to display for pictures... I put them directly onto my feet from the needles too)

AfternoonMoon said...

I plead the fifth! We were doing trough reclaim and that was the spoils for the afternoon!

Thanks for the pattern! I will send you a pair when I get them finished. They look really unique in Plexiglas!