Wednesday, April 2, 2008

WOYN Wednes

Whats On Your Needles Wednesday?

Here are my Mitered Squares so far, some are under the purse, all nice and pressed and in the front is a pile of completed miters without washing or blocking. All in all, 15 miters done.

Here is where I do all my work at night: downstairs at the bar. DH likes to go down and have a puff on his pipe and we talk over our day and I get some knitting time in.

Most of my knitting gets done upstairs in my office. I figured since Ravelry is killing my blog, I will use actual true to life photos instead of the nice staged photos I like to see on Ravelry. This is my blog and I will do it any way I feel like.
And since the mood struck me as well: here is a shot for my MrGreenjeans sweater from the Dream in Color Classy in my favorite of their colorways Chinatown Apple. This sweater is a dream to work on. The yarn is heaven and the pattern is so easy.


Tama said...

Oooo! Your MrGreenJeans sweater is coming along nicely and I love that color for it!

asti said...

Hooray for true to life photos. Wish I had a bar to work at...probably wouldn't get much done though ;)

mamaofsugarpies said...

I just love seeing your project and where you do your knitting. That color is SO yummy! Just might have to order some of that yarn myself! said...

being relatively new to the blogging world and all that I've been hooked into reading them by yours. Now the question is...where did you get the MrGreenJeans pattern and the yarn? I don't usually work on large projects due to time constraints, but the color of that yarn and the title of the pattern snagged my interest.