Monday, March 24, 2008

"Loopy" or "Soprano", it's all up to Sheri

WoolPet's Sheep needle felting kit from the Madrona Fiber Retreat that I got to jump into during HighOhSilver's work trip. I finally completed him today. He doesn't have a name yet. If I get the Dream in Color Classy in Chinatown Apple during the restock at the Loopy Ewe, I will knit him some lovely red&white sockies and name him "Loopy".
If I do not get what I want during the re-stock, I will string him up by his fuzzy little testicles and name him "Soprano". {sheri, you hear that? You dont want this poor little sheepie hangin by his berries, do you?} There was so much extra wool, that if I can find an extra bell this weekend, I will knit him up a galfriend (and change out his lovely pink ribbon for a nice merino scarf). This project was so much fun! Unfortunately, I just kept putting it down because the legs were frustrating me. If I would have realized that after a couple trials I would have realized how easy he actually was and I would have been on on my way to completion long before today. Needless: I love him.

And speaking fondly of the Loopy Ewe, I got my Gypsyknits Sock it! in Appalacia in today's mail that I ordered on Thursday. This whole Groupie Sneak-Ups is financially painful. There is so much that I love, that I never got to see before because all those other leaches picking the best stuff up f a s t. I love this privilege of being made aware of the new yarn before everyone else. And I love this yarn. So did many others, it was only stocked for a couple hours. And honestly, I hate to admit it, but I bought it out of retail therapy as I was greatly upsetted over the frogging of my Deadly S(p)ins socks. I mailed them to someone who might actually appreciate them and then went to try to peek at the March shipment of the Rockin'Sock Club's March shipment. Only to find out there that the hint was "Lucky Charms" with all the colors of the rainbow and a picture of all the pastel marshmallows. I freaked! More pastels? AHHHHH! So I ran to Loopy and begged for something I would love: Appalachia. Yes, Appalachia is pastel green, but it is only one pastel. All by itself, and it sang to me. That, and the Mexican Sunflower was sold out. Leaches.

But if you want some greatness for yourself, Cinnamongirl93 is giving away some...
...Malabrigo on her blog. Yes, GIVING AWAY MALABRIGO. I'm not one to take advantage of a total looney, but this chickie is giving away paradise in hank format. Drop your name over there, mention me AfternoonMoon and I get another chance. And speaking of other chances... Here is my favorite flower given to me by HighOhSilver a couple weeks ago, just because I love, love, love the smell of the Stargazer Lily. They smell so amazing and the smell fragrances the whole house. The roses were a special treat, because DH's favorite flower is the rose.
Oh, and by the way, I got my RSC shipment and I am so LUCKY it wasn't pastels!

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Tama said...

And I thought I was the only one who hated pastels--especially pink! Your "Appalacia" yarn is beautiful. The little sheep is so cute.