Monday, April 21, 2008

Lucky Leaflings

ha, Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Socks that Rock, Rockin' Sock Club pattern for March: Leafling

Yarn: STR mediumweight Lucky
Needles: 40"circ size 2
Cast on: March24 Bind off: April 7
The pattern was completely new for me. I have never completed a "gusset and flap" heel and would have fallen in love with the extra squish and cushion had the socks not been far to large. I made the adult medium and the gusset is way, way too loose. I will have to make these gift socks for someone with very thick ankles. I was between Juneau and Seattle on a plane when I was knitting the gussets, and didnt try them on until I was way into the foot. Already too late for me. Some knitters will rip out anything if they dont like them. I just gift to someone else.

Here is more heel detail. The cushioning at the bottom of the heel is so nice! I also added some finishing detail because I didnt like how the design just hit a dead-end at the toe, so I tapered the design out to the toe a bit more. It isn't as shape on the detail as I would have liked, but I am happy still.


asti said...

Lovely socks in a gorgeous color! Wish I was a better knitter.....I really admire people who can make such nice things without having a nervous breakdown (like me..:)

wannaquilt1 said...

I agree with the previous poster - beautiful socks! Happy Blog-iversary!


yarnbeans said...

Lovely socks! Makes me want to cast on mine! They look cushiony! Happy Blogiversary!

the valleens said...

happy blogiversity!!! Great socks - I love the pattern.... if I could only finish the ones I have otn..... :)

Linda said...

Oh how lovely, your socks came out great! Aren't they just the squishiest (is that a word?) yummy socks ever?!?!?!