Wednesday, April 30, 2008

WOYN Wednesday

So, What is On Your Needles today? I have my 2nd sleeve for my MrChinatownApplePants. I had to drop into Inua Wool to pick up some size9 dpns, cause the size7dpns didn't cut it on the 1st sleeve (which still needs to be frogged). Pattern calls for a size8, I only had dpns in size7 and thought they would work. Well, low and behold, my dpn guage is much tighter than my circular guage, so off to the frog pond for sleeve#1.

And can I tell you how evil Inua is? I go in their for a simple set of dpns and end up walking out with a new sock in my queue! I have been drooling over the Annetrelac Sock and the Six-Stitch Tessellated Faux Entrelac from More Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch. I plan to combine the patterns by using the Komi Star and the Pinstriping on the foot from the Faux Entrelac then using the entrelac from the Annetrelac. I am excited to start on this soon. It is not on the needles yet, but I believe I will be doing this one next. I am just curious how the Noro will mix with the Koigu, and would love someone to comment on how you feel they will wash up together.

And still on my needles are my CaboWabo toe-up Jaywalkers. As you can tell from my balls of yarn there was some frogging on these this weekend. I got to the finishing of the first heel and tried them on to find that they were about an inch and a half too long. Too narrow to gift to someone with larger feet, I decided to frog back and inch and a half past the increases for the heel (which left me with three inches of the sock left) and start again. Working all week, I am finally four rows away from re-starting that first heel.

I can't knit as much anymore as work has started here at the Dredge. I would wax poetically about how excited I am that Tourist Season has finally come and my focus is shifting to getting the property ready for 46,000 guest, but IT SNOWED AGAIN LAST NIGHT!!!! Can you believe it? Is this April 30th or April Fool's Day?
Oh, and tomorrow is the drawing for the Blogiversary giveaway. Tonight is the last chance to enter for the Options needle set. Good luck!


Tama said...

The sweater looks great even if the sleeves have to be frogged. And the new socks!!!!! I am so jealous. They will be lovely! I had the exact same problem with my toe up version of the Jaywalker. I can't seem to get myself to frog them for the second time though.

Qutecowgirl said...

Your sweater is very pretty. 46000 people!!! In how much time do all of those people come in? Crazy.

Amber said...

I just went to INUA in April for the first time and totally blew my budget. The owner was so nice.

And I'm totally jealous at how fast you can knit socks. Takes me FOREVER!