Thursday, April 24, 2008

My hair is GONE!

Okay, I went in today for what felt like a dramatic change in my life. I went from waist length hair to shoulder length. I haven't had hair this short in well over six years. And seriously, it needed to go!

I would be driving the work truck and go to turn my head to look for oncoming traffic and my hair would be trapped between my body and the seat. I would wake up at night with my DH sleeping on my hair. And I don't want to talk about the nasty rats that I pull from every orifice in the house: shower drains, vacuum cleaner, lint trap, uh. And my knitting. How often did I knit a pair of socks only to find a woven hair trailing a couple rows. Far too often!

Well, not any more. I told my stylist to cut it. Chop it off. Do it quick before I change my mind.

Here I am in Bonaire on the cruise with my hair down.

And here I am today, all short. All that friz, gone. All that weight pulling on my head, gone. All the split ends, all the stringy hair, all of it... ...gone.

And what goes great with an awesome haircut? Yeah, an awesome tube of lipstick. The salon is an Aveda retailer and they use the best Aveda shampoos and styling products. My hair smells as amazing as it looks, and I could not pass on the new Aveda shades. I love this one.

I can say that DH is not happy with my decision. He hasn't said a single thing about it, which means he is smart enough to keep his opinion to himself. I was really starting to hate my hair, so it was time for it to GO!

I just try not to think about the cost and how much yarn I could have bought.


jasmine said...

My hair is at the almost waist length again after chopping it to my shoulders for my 36th birthday (a year and a half ago) and I am starting to think it is time for another cut -- I even have a gift certificate for our Aveda Salon that I got for that same 36th birthday (after the cut). That should help with some of the cost and it is next door to my LYS. Now you have me thinking. I like the new look.

anna said...

I think your new look is GREAT. My hair iss getting quite long also...and I am thinking of doing something drastic...LOL...My hubby won't like it either.... but we are the ones wearingit, and taking care of it...and.....
Well.... a girl sometimes needs a change!!!!

Qutecowgirl said...

Doesn't it feel great!! I cut about 18 inches off a few years ago and it felt so good!!

It looks very lovely!!

Barbara-Kay said...

You look MARVELOUS! Don't you just love the smell of an Aveda salon?

And if you feel great, your hubby will come to like it, too.

Tama said...

Aren't us yarn collectors terrible. I am forever thinking, "Now, would I rather buy that or get some yarn?" Yarn wins most of the time. Your hair looks really good! I can totally relate to the "hair in the knitting" thing. I have long hair and it frequently ends up in someones socks.

Craft Gossip (felting) said...

Mine went the other day and I thing yours looks great!

asti said...

I really like it! Very brave of you. Long hair here too..I keep toying with the chop but always bottle out. Even after a trim it feels lighter, so you must be feeling great now without all the weight. It's a lovely colour too.

EMTKnitter said...

It looks great! You commented on my haircut way back in January, and I can related to what your DH does/says about short hair. Mine is the same. I plan to do it all over again next year to donate again to Locks of Love.