Thursday, March 13, 2008

Two shipments: One day {seven deadly spins SPOILER ALERT}

I got all of my cardio walking back and forth to the mailbox. I am mailing out all my returning employees hiring packets and I noticed that I left of the postage, so I had to walk back to the office. Run them through the post meter and then back to the mailbox before the mailman got there. As I am walking back and forth, it gets me thinking. Well, I do have to mail out the Vintage Baby Cardigan since I got all the buttons on, and it is just sitting in the box; so back upstairs, throw it into a Priority bag and then back to the mailbox. Oh, hum, lots of walking since the mailbox is at the edge of property and about a football field or so away from the house and office. As I am almost to the office, I see the mailman come up, take out the motherlode of mail from the box, and replace it with DELIVERED BOXES!!! I'm thinking, "Oh baby, there are goodies in the mail for me!" Please let the fourth time to the box in 20 minutes be worth the walk. May I also add that it is 17F and I am only wearing a hoodie with light gloves. I'm cold. This better be goodies for me and not just a bunch of work crap. Low and behold, two of my orders. The first one I rip open is my lampworked Triple Passion & Ruby Glass Paperweight Button, which actually looks more like their Triple Passion & Cobalt Glass Paperweight Button to me. None-the-less, I love it and will heartedly be using it for my Mr Greenjeans sweater as soon as I get the Dream in Color from theLoopyEwe during the next re-stock.

The second package was the first shipment from EarthFaire's The Seven Deadly S(p)ins Yarn Club. This shipment is Gluttony and it came with a lovely sock pattern. But yet, I am still perplexed. I guess I should have researched their past products a bit better.

I was thinking, "Seven Deadly S(p)ins, kinda anti-craft, kinda anti-standard. Was looking forward to something dark and sinister; wicked almost. I saw the link on LimeNviolets Daily Chum about a new sign-ups for the club, and automatically assumed that it would be a little-tinsybit Goth-Girl. The shipment was more like: "ooh-la-la, spring has sprung, Easter egg hunting, frilly-girl dress wearing, pastel happy-happy-joy-joy." Uhm, wtf? What is so s(p)inister about pastel glee? Not to sound so bitchy, but I was thinking maybe blacks with sparkles of "happy, happy, joy, joy"? Really, I do LOVE the pattern, I do LOVE the colors, it just didn't match my expectations. The club did far exceed my expectations with all the extra stuff in the bag. There was a keychain sock blocker with extra yarn for a mini-sock, with a mini-sock pattern (I will use my own so they are all the same), a bag of assorted JellyBellys (which I happily ate in a gluttonous fashion), and some adorable needle point protectors in sock shape. I dont use point protectors, so I will most likely add them to my BlogAnniversary drawing. And hinting at Blogiversary drawing, I have a set of Knitpick Options in the cloth canvas, some knitpick cloud laceweight, some Panda bamboo sock yarn and a bunch of other stuff that I will be de-stashing for the giveaway. More as the blogiversary comes closer (May 1).


Qutecowgirl said...

WOW that button is Beautiful!!

I also thought that the club would be i guess you could say darker? I almost signed up.

Tama said...

I agree. The name does suggest something a little more dark. I would have expected the yarn and items to look more like things I have seen at But what you got is very pretty--just a little girlish and flowery.