Monday, December 3, 2007

Within the hour

Within an hour of the Uptown Boot Sock being completed, so was my mini-sock in the Cherry Tree Hill "Slate". I abhor scant piles of left over sock yarn, so I i-cord on size2 until I have enough to make a trivet. Superglue the i-cord to a ceramic tile (or in my case, a bar coaster from the latest bar with ugly coasters {side note: strange but true, my husband collects cool bar coasters; I take the ugly ones and superglue i-corded reminants of sock yarn to them}).

I received my Grinchy Grouchy Sock kit on Saturday, and today I received my Leticia. Both from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. I will post on this tomorrow. I have to share, if you haven't seen already... "Here Hold My Sock". I found it while surfing for the Yarn Harlots Unoriginal Hat that I am knitting for my sister for Christmas. LOL!

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