Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Grinchy Grouchy Sock Kit arrived!

My December socks arrived after an extended wait. And here they are: The Blue Moon Fiber Arts "Grinchy Grouchy Socks Kit". One skein STR Grinchy, One skein STR Pond Scum, and a mini-skein of Whisper in Pond Scum. The pattern is {very} similar to the Chevron scarf in my winter queue. I was thinking about not doing the whisper, but instead have decided to not only knit up the whisper, but to add it to the toes. How can one be Grinchy this Christmas if one does not have hairy toes?
Good news for the day, my chickadees came back! My squirrel guard on my birdfeeder (dont ask why the squirrel guard is even on, it came with the feeder, our ground squirrel hibernate) engaged while I was on vacation and the chickadees went elsewhere for their food. Today, 3 weeks after I came back and fixed it, they came back! Whoo hoo!

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Pat said...

Yay - Finally!! Can't wait to see these knit up1