Saturday, December 22, 2007

Shortest day of the year

Happy Solstice! Party last night was good.
Here is how much daylight we actually see. There is a hill to the south (to my back as I am taking this picture) and this hill obstructs the sunlight to the property. The picture is true to the amount of daylight that I actually receive in the winter. We plan to build on a south facing slope soon, so I might actually be able to grow houseplants with natural light. The building in the picture is my summer office and maintenance shed. The cut-out on the far hill is a buried segment of the Alaska Gas Pipeline which runs both above ground and under ground along our property line. Man, I miss the sunshine! That's why we vacation so much. I need UV rays! I need to produce natural vitamin D! I need the sun!


kathy in juneau said...

Hooray for being on the uphill side of the equinox. I know it'll be slow going, but it's a great psychological boost!!

Pat said...

Where are you going to build?