Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Check out the new weather pixie...

... she loves to inform me that right now it is -36F and there is only 3 hours and 44 minutes of daylight. Friday is Solstice and the rebirth of our sun. So in celebration we are having a get-together here. Initially I was thinking, cocktail party for the adults and a small bonfire and sledding on the little hill for the kids, but with the temperature being as it is, the bonfire will have to be cancelled. Unfortuneately. I know it saddens the kids; having five boys, each with a friend or two coming over, it could get a little hectic. Just a couple more cups of rum in the eggnog and no one will notice the sugar-hyped teenagers running around, right? And speaking of eggnog, this year will be a special treat. I hand picked vanilla beans when I was over in Tahiti in October, so the nog will have fresh Tahitian vanilla. Humm, so fattening, so delicious. So, if you are in the neighborhood, stop on in for some fresh Tahitian vanilla eggnog, homemade gingerbread cheesecake, grilled reindeer sausage (this is what Santa does with the slow ones, tee hee), and toast to the fertility of your family and friends with some spiced cider!

and on a knitting note: over the course of being shut out for two weeks, I finished an Unoriginal Hat and one of my Grinchy Grouchy socks.


kathy in juneau said...

I guess I shouldn't complain about our 6 hours and 22 minutes of daylight. Still, we are anxiously awaiting the Solstice down here, as well. Your party sounds perfect! Happy Holidays!

ps Love the knits. Adorable sock!

monica said...

the socks are definitely grinchy looking!

only 2 more days and we start GAINING daylight :D

Pat said...

Wish I was in the neighborhood so I could stop over :-(
Love the Grinchy sock!