Sunday, June 3, 2007

Socks completed, as well as...

Okay, so the socks are done, no dreaded "Second sock syndrome". Although, as you can tell, this whole process was a trial for comfort. My first pair of socks and I was thinking... how do I make a sock for MY feet? Well, the first sock was too long and far too pointy. I was thinking, take off nine rows and the 2nd (left) sock will be much better. 2nd sock is too short, 1st sock is too long and pointy. Alright, three rows shorter would have been great. These are for skiing next winter, so I have until Oct/Nov to wear them in. Cascade 220 is a heavy sock!

Check out the point! Like elfen feet.

The book that I was using has a little side notation:

A Better SSK?

Some sock knitters prefer using an alternative ssk at the gusset and toe for the shaping. Slip the first stitch knitwise, then slip the second stitch purlwise from your left needle to your right, and knit them together.

Don't know if I am feeling this one...

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