Monday, June 18, 2007

Roza's socks caught a snag

Pattern: Roza's Socks, Interweave Knits Spring 2007
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill, superwash sock in Cabin Fever
Needle: Size 0 dpn Susan Bates, then size 1 dpn Susan Bates, now size 2 dpn Inox
cast on: cast off: June 17, 1st sock; cast on: June 17, 2nd sock

Oh, the work of the dreaded gauge swatch revealed that the size 0 was going to be too small, by just a hair. So why "waste" the time knitting a swatch with the next size up? Uhm, maybe because after 2 weeks of knitting nightly, your 1st sock that you finish might be a little too short and tight? Really? Never thought of that until two nights ago when I excitedly try it on only to find that the heel didnt make it to the vertical. Sitting on the horizontal, cutting off the circulation to my wee-little toes. Frogged the toe back to the foot and added another inch and a half so within 2 hours, I had a sock that had its heel in the proper place, but still very little circulation to the toes.

Okay, we will move to size 2 dpn. Did I make a gauge swatch? Ha, ha, sadly no! Why would I knit a gauge swatch when the size 1 was obviously too small, so the size 2 would HAVE TO WORK, right? I guess we will find out. I am at a bit of hiatis at the moment. I have not knit with Inox needles before and have to admit, it is like chewing through wool! It is right now comparable to the screeching of wet chalk on a chalkboard. I have to stop. But like many other shopping experiences in Alaska, I now have to scour the internet to find a supplier of Quicksilver Susan Bates. I have used wood (bamboo) but honestly refuse to spend $20+ on a set of Lantern Moon dpn. Not that they aren't beautiful, not that I don't have the money, I just have other uses for my hard-earned wages: golf on Saturday, dinner out on Thursday, toothpaste, more sock yarn, did I mention we have 5 boys? And with the 3 (and growing) different sizes of dpns that I have used, these gorgeous pair of socks would have cost me well over $100. Luxurious lifestyle? Yes. $100 socks? No.

The LYS only carries Lantern Moon in that size and Michael's and JoAnn Fabrics doesn't carry dpns. So, now I am off to research needles. And Canon's 30D DSLR. Why Blog with bad photos?

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