Monday, June 4, 2007

As well as... what?

Oops, sorry about that. It was getting late and I wasn't able to upload the rest of the pics. I have been a busy beaver (knitting beaver that is...), all while my home computer was given back to the front gate here on property. Using my husbands laptop or my work computer (as I am now) I can add more posts.

Felt (fulled) Bowls

pattern: felted bowl
yarn: Cherry Tree Hill; Lamb's Pride Bulky in Winterberry

needle: Brittany dpn size 15 (bought 24" circular, but couldnt use them, needed two pair for 22" diameter bowl

Okay, the pattern started off a little shaky, I started the pattern inside out, oops, backwards on the dpns.

Now, notice the laddering that happened with the dpn. This did not happen with my socks, but these are much thicker needles and much, much thicker yarn.

There is a HUGE hole right here, so I was worried about how it would felt up. It completely closed, so I was thrilled and surprised.

Okay, so the blocking didnt go all that great, but I started on the smaller second one. I did not put vinegar in the hot felting water so the colors are very muted. Both are attractive and I am pleased with the end result.

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