Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Dishclothes - busy work and filler

Pattern: Bright Kitchen Dishclothes
Yarn: the cheap cotton stuff at Fred Meyers
Needle: you guessed it.. Susan Bates, size 7 ala Freddies
cast on: June 3, 2007 pink one cast off: June 4, 2007 blue one

I have to admit, and not ashammed of in the slightest, out of all the wonderful projects that I have cast on and cast off, these washclothes are by far and wide, the best projects I have ever completed.

My grandmother passed away on Thanksgiving last year and no one received dishclothes for Christmas. My grandma always made them primarily for my mom because my mom used them all the time. I didnt want mom to go without, so I grabbed the Stitch and Bitch that had been sitting on the shelf for over a year and sat down and relearned to knit. Grandma taught me when I was 7/8 and I didnt really get the trick with the sticks. I miss Grandma more and more each day and feel closer to her the more I knit. I have three sweaters that she knit for me and I never really truly appreciated them until I relearned and realized how much work/time/effort/cost/preparation/dedication/etc it took to cast on/work/cast off in order to achieve a finished sweater. I now wear them with pride and realize the love that went into each. It is comforting to me to hear the clinking of the metal needles (something I dont get with the wood).

These washclothes are the best for learning technique, because the hand manipulations happen frequently enough to cement the concepts. SSK, p2tog, k2tog, sk2p now are there. I plan on attempting a couple cabled clothes. I have read a bunch of girls say they plan to keep their swatches to create a throw blanket, but I have yet to see one of these displayed anywhere. I make dishclothes. It is what keeps me happy, keeps me knitting between projects, or bides the time between internet shippings.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with dishcloths at all! My aunts absolutely LOVE the dishcloths I knit them. I love the pretty colors you're using.

How wonderful that your grandmother taught you to knit!