Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Solstice

So Happy Solstice! Or at least I was thinking of blogging on the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. I missed posting on the 21st as I was working 14 hour days on the house. I was able to take pictures of these finished socks. Pictures taken at 11:30pm to midnight. I love the Midnight Sun!

Pattern: Snicket Socks by Sabine Riefler. Originally posted in MagKnits, but now a free pattern on Ravelry.
Yarn: Spunky Eclectic Super Sport in of all names for a colorway - MonkeyFarts.
Needles: addiTurbo size 2, 40" circ
Cast on: June 3rd Bind off: June 17
These socks are for Parker's 12th Birthday, which is actually tomorrow. I had him model for these socks and he ohh'd and ahh'd the whole time.
Each one of my 12 year olds modeled for the sock photoshoot. It seems to be a great honor to have your picture posted on the internet. I guess you have to be 12 to enjoy that.
I did a couple modifications of the pattern. I didnt like the sockinette stitch for the foot with a garter stitch and single line cable for the instep, so I maintained the stockinette on the foot. I p2tog for the decreases on both sides of the heel; finishing the toe with a purled star toe.

Yeah, I couldn't resist the MonkeyFart jokes. I had to grab some Legos and have fun. This is all after bribing one of three 12 year olds to dig through three huge Rubbermaid bins of these damned things to find the monkey two brown arms, cause the poor little monkey had two people arms (that are not brown) and it looked sadistic. Our farting monkey luckily had all brown limbs for the photoshoot. We had a lot of fun taking pictures and running around out of the deck at Midnight. Solstice is such a great time. The only unforunate side-effect of celebrating Solstice is now the days are getting progressively shorter. So sad to see the sunlight leave us; at a rate of 7 minutes a day less direct light.

With all this light, the house is progressing swiftly. The foundation is poured, the decking is finished. The foundation is half buried and the garage is compacted. The bituthene is wrapped around the entire foundation walls and the first floor walls are going in as I blog. Fortunately for me, our framing contractor completed all the decking and is erecting the walls. Mark, the boys, and I did all the dirt work this weekend. No downtown Midnight Sun Festival for me. No Midnight Sun Run (10K). No elephant ears, no funnel cake, no frozen bananas, no gyros. No nothing. Just work. Man, who knew sweat equity involved so much sweat!


Tama said...

The socks look great! Love the little lego monkey.

Pat said...

Krista - I don't have your email here, so I'm using blog comments to contact you. We are in Fairbanks for another week and the boys want to pan for gold again - they didn't get rich enough last time we were here :-)
I just want to see if you will be around the dredge at all in the next few days - I would love to say "Hi"