Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Come look into my dirty hole

So yes, I do need to apologize for the dirty (tee hee) heading. but I'm not going to... I come back to the Dredge every night with dirt in my hair, coated in bug dope, muscles aching and belly aching (for pie). Because of the long-lighted days, I come home to jump directly in the shower to sit down to knit only to realize that it is 10:30pm. With it being full sunlight, it is so hard to guage {no knitting pun intended, or maybe intended unintensionally) how long I have been working in the evenings. It is not until I sit to work on my needles that I realize I only have a couple minutes until bed. Uh!

And since it is so painfully obvious that my birthday boy is not going to be receiving his Mitered Square Blanket for his very special day this 24th, I decided that my sock-loving son will instead become the proud new owner of Monkey Farts. Oh yes, you read that right. The sock yarn from Spunky Eclectic is so aptly named, "Monkey Farts". Perfect for a boy turning 12, who loves handknit socks. I never would have thunked it! He is my sock model extraordinaire and begs not to take them off after the pictures have been taken.


Tama said...

What a great pair of socks you are making! My son just turned 12 also!! And he would have LOVED a pair of socks made from "Monkey Farts" yarn!!!!!!! He loves my handknit socks--I just haven't made him that many pairs because his feet have been growing so fast that he practically grows out of them before I can get them finished. What pattern are you using? I really like them!

Jill L said...

Love these socks!

monica said...

Mankey Farts!! LOL what 12 year old boy wouldn't want to wear them just because of the name. My 14 year old som is a big fan of hand knit socks too.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Janet said...

hay so when can i come look at your dirty hole, it looks cool, where is it again?