Thursday, February 3, 2011

Paper Dolls

This project brings me back more than thirty years to a time when I would sit staring at my papa, just waiting for him to finish the evening newspaper. It was only after it was read, word for word, front page to the last classified ad, that I was allowed to start my scissor infliction. I would make paper dolls for hours. Paper girls holding hands, elephants holding each others tails, Amish dolls, boys, bicycles, snowflakes... ...oh the things I could make in series. And now Kate Davies has given me more reason to start this obsession off again with her gorgeously designed Paper Dolls . I am making the classic girls holding hands (adding hair) while other knitters have added owls, hedgehogs, cowboys, families, chickies, snails, and so very much more. I am loving this project.

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