Monday, March 9, 2009

Who knew?

I got a great deal wink, wink on a new bottle of SOAK (thanks Gin), so I was able to wash all my dirty handknits and wash/block my little sister's birthday present. And get this {enter: Earth Shaking Information} Noro softens after it is washed! Who Knew? I am f-kin floored absolutely amazed. I was so giggling with glee that I ran and grabbed my Entrelac Scarf that I havent worn and Soak'd that as well. Wow, even the kureyon softens greatly. top: Entrelac Scarf by Allison LoCicero Noro Kureyon #92 and #170 bottom:Noro Striped Scarf: Inpiring photos by Jared Flood Noro Silk Garden #267 and #275 The Day the wind blew. Wow, we do not get wind here in Fairbanks and it was alarming. Fortunately the new windows worked perfectly and we didnt feel any temperature difference in the temperatures of the rooms. With the offensive old windows, the kids couldn't sleep in the north-facing rooms. New windows? Didn't even feel a breeze.
The view from my bedroom window. Let the wind blow.
And the wind blew in another eight inches of snow. My back hurts, but my rump needed the exercise.


pdxknitterati said...

That looks really cooooooold!

I love soak. But I usually just throw my socks into the washer in a zip bag with the rest of the laundry; no special soak for them.

pat said...

I'm hoping Noro sock yarn softens up too - my current socks in progress feel like sandpaper!
Looking cold and wintery at the dredge :-)

Betty said...

I'm making one of those Jared Flood scarves right now and so glad to hear it softens.