Friday, March 27, 2009

My orchid was lonely

Welcoming in the morning with snow. I love March 'cause you never know what you are going to enjoy from Mother Nature. Today she blessed us with snow. My cup run'th over.
My orchid was lonely. I bought her a friend.
Grocery shopping at Safeway is dangerous for me. I fear that I will always come home with more flowers. The other grocery stores segregate their food and flowers, but not Safeway. You can't walk to the bakery without stopping to enjoy the floral department. Smart move, Safeway!
My orchids friend is more like a little sister. Small and sheltered under her bigger sister.


ginny said...

dude, are orchids hard to grow? I've always wanted to buy some, but they're expensive and I don't have a particularly warm house. The spare bedroom gets up to about 68F in the sunny morning, but it's usually about 63F in the house.

Mary said...

Alaska grows orchids second only to Hawaii. I 'm not really sure what that means exactly,... commercially grown, natural occurrence (many things in Alaska are totally surprising), recreationally grown?... but my ecology prof said it in the early 1990s (third time I went back to school). I'm an orchid lover too. I did just see the Orchids Through the Eyes of Darwin exhibit at the Smithsonian last month. Totally cool. I think Safeway does carry, and one of the box home stores too, tons of the coolest orchid varieties.

What you have are some real beauts. I love just crazy looking unusual plants and different varieties that you don't see around. Plant Kingdom off Farmer's Loop has some cool cool stuff and my all time fav nursery for that reason. And I got some Canary Island vines that I saw just like that growing from planter boxes everywhere. I finally lost them to our climate a few years back. I got them from the Georgeson Botanical Garden sale.

Surprisingly, my Clematis is back to life now, as well as the Ablutia which is the coolest flowering plant and very hardy - related to the flowering maple.