Monday, May 19, 2008

The Cabo Wabo hit my Jaywalkers...

Pattern: Toe-Up Jaywalkers by Natalia Marek from Raverly. An adaptation of Jaywalkers on edited for toe-up.

Yarn: Cameleon Colorworks Dyeworks & Fiber Studio Footsie in "Taos" made of 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon. 400yds, 3.5oz

Needle: Addi Turbos, size1, 40" circ, two socks on the one circular

Cast on: April 8th Bind off: May 17th

I got the yarn from MorseCode as a super nice "thank you" donation for sending her my unloved s(p)in club yarn. She was kind enough to send this wonderfully dyed yarn. I love the color, it is so "up" my alley! The texture is questionable, but getting better after consecutive washings. Most suprising of all was the pattern. That was a beast all of its own. I did not realize until I was ON THE PLANE that the toe-up version was not complete. Natalia refers several times to "follow the original directions" in which I did not print off before boarding. Who has time to pack, clean the house, make certain the kids will be fed, the dog will get let out, AND the pattern you just printed off has all the directions? Now don't get me wrong, I do not mean to b!tch so much for I LOVE traveling with a new sock pattern, or even a new technique. I love it because if I get frustrated, I can't just throw it into the UFO basket on the office floor and walk downstairs to get a beer. I am forced to sit in that ultra-swank, super-roomy excuse for a seat the airlines are go generous to seat us in and fester until my brains liquify. Once I calm enough to re-attempt to continue the knit, I figure it out and work on. Well, there was not a lot of calming, soothing feelings I had when I realized that I was 30K feet above any form of internet and the airlines no longer host $5/minute phones in the back of seats. At this moment of "brick wall knitting" my husband surely wouldn't care how much a phone call eats into our travel budget. "For the love of all things holy, Krista, calm yourself. You will find the rest of the pattern when we land." As if that would calm any knitter down! The only saving grace was Brenda Dayne and Cast-On on the Zune soothing the savage knitter within and guiding me safely and sanely into Seattle.

We did land in Seattle, home of all things Starbuck and wi-fi so that I could find the original pattern. I read the whole toe-up version several times over just to make 100% certain that I wouldn't run into any more of these special moments in Mexico. The next flight to Cabo San Lucas was a much smoother flight, for my knitting, as well as for my husband.
If you click on the photo to the left, it should bring you to flickr where you can see my lovely, smart-assed comments on the mistakes that I made in the jaywalking. I left them in (even after the first rip back) because the tequila made me do it. I love Baja California: dry air, high heat, perfect weather, with nothing to do but relax, drink tequila and knit on the balcony of the hotel. I only achieved mid-foot on the Baja. We were busy swimming in the pool, playing on the beach and recovering from the nights.

Mostly, I was just relaxing before the hectic tourist season started. This was the last time I can leave the town of Fairbanks without permission until October. Tourism keeps me busy.

Currently: Dredge property is open for business; start-up has come and gone. (I live on company property, so when you hear people say, "I live at work," well I really do. I live at work. I eat Dredge, I sleep Dredge. I wake up to tours going on outside my window on the weekends and I go to sleep listening to the frogs croak in the Dredge pond, the trumpet swans flying over, and the seagulls establishing their nesting territory.) Needless to say, I have been working 16 hour days, sleeping 4 hours a night with barely enough time to take a shower every other day or so. Both blogging and knitting have been neglected. This is the starting of the second week of Tourist Season. I was luck enought to get five hours to myself and finished off my Cabos. I miss Mexico, but more than Mexico, I miss "Winter Krista". The girl who is perpetually relaxed, continually knitting, and planning my next vacation. I now have "Summer Krista" who is ready to party as hard as she works. And let me tell you, "This Krista really knows how to work." wink, wink

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Chrissy said...

Cool jaywalkers. I don't think I've seen them with the colors ending up like that before. The color seems to have taken over and done its own thing.

I am so jealous of all the socks and the beach pictures. That is definitely where my mind is.