Monday, November 26, 2007

Mini-sock weekend

Well, the mini-sock trial took off. First there was three. Then I received my order of Duet Socks (love them) and Sheri included her version of the mini-sock with some awesome sock yarn and I made another one

Then the three turned to five socks....
from left to right: Koigu from Layla's blanket, Yarn Pirate from my Tahitian Monkey socks, CTH in Cabin Fever from Roza's Socks, Lorna's Laces in Lakeview from my Waving Lace socks and then The Loopy Ewe Red Socks kit (dont know the yarn, but it was fabulous)
Last night, while sitting at the bar downstairs (yes, I have a full bar in my house, I ROCK!) I knit up some of my J.Knits in San Jose from my Campanulas for a Cure. I dont think I will be making up any from my very first sock, cause it is a sport-weight ski-sock, and I only have yet to make my CTH in Slate from my Uptown Boot Sock, that I only have one knit up. I was waiting for the second sock until after my Grinchy Grouchy Socks arrived & knit. Shipping confirmation says they arrived on 21Nov, but my mailman sucks! I am giving up and casting on the second sock after this post. That will guarantee the kit comes tomorrow, right when I need the needles. I did get my addi Turbo 40" in for Magic Loop, maybe I will try the Grinchy Grouchy on that. Socks for December!


Dipsy said...

I absolutely adore your mini socks, they're so cute - especially in this variety of gorgeous colors! Great job!

Cheaky27 said...

i love your mini socks! so cute!