Friday, November 16, 2007

Hat for Bb

Bb had requested a black hat with a green alien and I have never done stranded color, so sounds like a challenge. It went really well, I should have measured his head and creating a pattern instead of just increasing the dimensions of a baby cap. The top of the alien does not stretch enough, I should have {what? don't know enough about hats and stretch and two colors} The hat fits over his head, it is just a little tight 4/5th the way up. Couldn't find a chart on the alien face, so I just drew one up with graph paper.

On a side note: {NKR-not knitting related} I was on the Interweave Knits KAL site and saw some more of the awesome Snowflake Socks form Fall'07 and got inspired to immediately go Xcountry skiing. Heading out on my summer running path, I got the groove of packing the snow-trail and BAM there is a new warehouse right in the path that connects the empty field and the pipeline. Huge signs demanding "NO TRESPASSING" all over the place. Lovely, just lovely. Partially ignoring the signs, I decided to ski to the edge of property (which is actually owned by a friend, leased to these yahoos) and this nasty, burly Alaska-man in filthy carhartts steps out of the shop and stands in his driveway. I wave, MrK (brown lab) is along for the ski because within the next couple trips will be beginning skijor training, MrK starts to bark, the AKman stands portly in his driveway and we have to climb a gravel burm just to get to the remainder of the path. Lets see: "a word of advice, jacka$s, if you want privacy for your meth lab, try not placing it in the middle of an existing recreation path. There are 49 other acres on the parcel, just 'cause you need a backdoor excape path when the troopers come a knockin', doesn't mean you should block off everyone else's enjoyment." Oh, makes me sooooo friggin' mad! I had to take off my skiis to traverse this 12 foot incline burm just to stay away from this joker's rented property. I wouldn't be so mad, but this is a really great ski path cause snowmachiners can't drive over most of it, ruining the glide. Ahhhh.

I still need to buy yarn and cast on these awesome Snowflake sock. Who can ski without? And I did just order a 40" size2 addi turbo for magic loop. Just have to watch the video and scope out the links that the ever lovely Pat emailed. Thanks, Pat!!!

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pat said...

You could use bigger needles for the stranded part? or just make it bigger all over? Cool alien though!
Sorry about your ski path block - someone always wrecks a good ski path!