Saturday, July 7, 2007

Roza's Socks: Part Three

Part One:

Quick-knit a guage swatch with size0. Gauge was too small, so I went with a size1. Sock1 finished, only to find out circulation to my wee-wittle toes was non-existent. Are ankles really supposed to bend? How much circulation is truly needed for the top of a stupid foot anyway?

Part Two:

Screw the guage swatch, I will just knit with size 2. It can not be that far off, right? Mail ordered Inox 6" in size2. Waited a week-10days for delivery to Alaska, and started knitting like mad only to find out that Inox and wool go together like teeth and steel wool.

now that brings us to... Part Three:

I ordered my tried and true SB in size1, size2, and size3. SB only come in sets of four, so I had to order two sets of each. Dropped a whopping $14.95 for all. I better be knitting socks for the rest of my life for what this has cost me in needles, time, and effort. Another week-10days later, I am jumping right in. Liar! Liar! Panties on FIRE! I made gauge swatches for each size needle. The required gauge is 33sts and 46 rnds = 4" in Stst. Well, I am "Stst" away on the round to find the size1 gives me a 41 sts and a 62 rnd. So I try the size2. That gives me a 35 sts and a 50 rnd. Can it possible be that I need a size3 needle for a size0 pattern? Can my knitting be that horribly off? The pattern calls for a Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock and I am using a Cherry Tree Hill superwash sock. Is there really that much difference, or am I just a really horrible knitter? (Don't respond to that, I can't take the abuse right now). Gauge on the size3 revealed a 32 sts with a 45/46 rnd. It isnt that horribly off the 33sts/46rnds. I have the cuff and breaking into the meat of the sock and it looks so loose compared to the first one. The sole was so fine and dainty on the first one and my gauge swatch more resembled lace than the sole of a foot.

Anyway, I am dedicating a week of work to this sock. If this sock doesn't come out, I am ditching the entire pattern and selecting a new one. My first pair came out so beautifully. What is up?

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