Saturday, July 7, 2007

Knitting and Fishing in Homer, Alaska

Qivuit hat is almost done. Still need to sew in the ends and block. Cast off: July 3, 2007

I initially cast off a day before the Halibut charter we took all the kids on for DH (darling Husband) and 2nd oldest. They share the same birthday. As I pulled out the last dpn and snugged up the top, I looked down and thought to myself. Gee, 6 inches seems like a very short hat. And sure enough, it was. Too short. More like a yamika, and less like a nice, warm, super soft hat. So, a day after the 14 hour drive home from fishing, I frogged the decreases and added another two inches. Now it is long enough to cover both my forehead and ears.

The Qivuit experience: glamourous and enjoyable. All other fibers feel like steel wool. It will take some getting used to going back to my ewe-y wool; but a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do!

What's for dinner?

Halibut chowder, halibut olympia, blackened halibut tacos, deep-fried Alaskan Amber battered halibut, grilled halibut, baked halibut, oh... the list goes on.

126 lbs of Halibut for the freezer. This should last us a couple years.

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