Sunday, June 28, 2009

So, I talk so much about the house, but do I post pictures? Here is the house. Exterior insulation is up. Oh, so pretty! The 2/6 trim is around the windows. Furring is going up now. Today I am installing the treated plywood for the rock work. (yes, I will post photos of that as well) Here is the furring on the back of the house. Parker or Isaac cuts, while the other runs the board to me. Do I feel nervous with 12 and 13 year old cutmen? Heck yeah. Hey kid, let me show you how to use a miter saw. Heck, they are learning angles and measurements better than any math lesson at school, right?
While I am was working last week, one of the contracting jobs was completed. Oh, so pretty facia and soffits. The almond color matches the windows. It is so odd picking out all of these color choices. I never knew how many decisions are necessary for home building. Everything is a compromise or a suggestions, or an opinion on how it should be. Mark and I have gotten very, very good at coming to agreements. (or just keeping our mouths shut if the other is firmly committed to something).
When the floor was the radiant floor tubing, it was SO hard to walk around. Especially at 20F when we were worried about the tubing cracking because of the cold and pressure stepping on it. I was wearing my bunny boots, so there was a softer cushion if I hit one with my big feet.

Finally, we were able to get a contractor in and pour the floor. It has been so much easier walking around!
This is a view from the garage entrance into the back of the kitchen. You can see the island in the middle of the picture. Just past that is the main house entry (not that we will be using that at all, I assume we will be coming through the garage 99% of the time). On the right is the stairs to the second level.


Janet said...

its almost livable. keep going with the kids, they love it and you get stuff done quicker.

Pat said...

Wooooohoooo - it looks like a house - a big one too!

Enjoy summer :-)

Holly Jo said...

Oh, man. It is GORGEOUS. Your windows are divine! And, yes, best math ever. :)

Tama said...

Looking good! It is going to be wonderful when it's done! I'll bet you are getting anxious.