Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Knitting

So this is my fast frenzy of Christmas knitting. These are Gentleman's Fancy Socks for Isaac. They will not be done by Christmas, so he will get them early January. These are Warmest Mittens for my sister in Michigan The Baby Surprise Jacket for niece Sarah in Juneau The Wonderful Wallaby for nephew Joseph
Aran Slippers from IK Holiday Gifts for sister-in-law in Juneau
Kate for Layla from and "Kate"-inspired hat and scarf for her older sister Gwennie in Washington
Drop Stitch Scarf for Carter
And how am I spending my Christmas? That would be on a Holland America 14 day Mexican Riviera holiday cruise. We fly out tomorrow afternoon to Seattle (and great, they are having a HUGE storm and we were told to expect delays {of which we can't have a single one because there is ONE SEAT out of Fairbanks to the lower 48 from now to Christmas / if we miss any flight at all, then we miss the cruise} there was no alternative on the plane tickets at time of purchase because we used airline miles for all seven of us). Seattle is expecting a massively historic storm. When? Tomorrow! Lovely, just lovely.
If everything goes as planned, we will be spending Christmas in Acapulco and New Year Eve on board in Mazatlan. And with the price for the cruise, it is a very humbling Christmas.
But why would someone want to leave their home for the Holidays?
Because this was the photo I took while in town yesterday. It was just after sunrise at 11:28 as I was driving south on the Steese Hwy coming up to the 10th ave intersection. Thankfully tomorrow is Solstice (the longest night of the year) and I will miss it. Hopefully not to be spending my vacation in the Seattle airport.
But also on my drive to town, I am rewarded with this view at the top of Halgerbarger hill. A view of Fairbanks:
Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas


pat said...

Beautiful parade of knits - have a great trip!!! (hopefully....fingers crossed!)
Thanks for the Fbks picture :-)

Arctic Knitter said...

Beautiful knits! Happy Holidays!