Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Campanula for a Cure! Love them socks!

Pattern: Campanula for a Cure
Yarn: J.Knits in San Jose
Needle: s.b. dpns size2
Cast on: forgot Cast off: uhm, sometime in the first week of October
First off, this was my first toe-up sock. I used Wendy's generic sock pattern, and lets just say, even the most detailed explanation didn't cut it! I bought three books to try to learn this. Uh, I frogged three times, finally got it. I only had to do two heels.
The pattern was not memorizable, so I was continually having to look at the chart. It made the knitting go very, very slow. Casting off worked well on one sock, and the second sock is horrid. Does not stretch AT ALL. Big enough to go over my heel, so I am not going to fix it.
J.Knits yarn is soft to begin with, but after working with it for a while, it starts to feel really scratchy.
I am so glad they are done. And so is Mr.K (chocolate lab puppy). He digs through the dirty clothes hamper to find them to carry them around with him. He doesnt destroy them, he just carries it over to his bed and sleeps with them. I have washed them twice, and was hoping that it would end. It hasnt.

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pat said...

Even though it sounds like they were a pain to make....they sure are pretty!
Welcome back!