Thursday, May 3, 2007

Welcome to Socks!

pattern: Starter Stockinette from Knit Socks!

yarn: Cascade 220 in #4147B
heel in Cascade Quatro #5017
needle: Susan Bates US3 dpn

I saw a couple awesome sock patterns in the Spring 2007 Interweave Knits. The Entrelac Socks and Roza's Socks. Before I even begin to tackle one of those, I thought I better learn simple sock construction. I am a bit afraid of the dreaded "3S" pandemic. I have heard of thousands of experienced knitters that whole-heartly finish sock#1, only to never start on sock#2. I couldn't imagine the horror of only creating one sock. I have a massive amount of single socks that come out of laundry baskets at night to feed on the soles of mated pairs, safely tucked in dresser drawers. Adding to that Midnight Massacre is not my intention. I have heard the only cure for "3S" is to start both socks at the same time, knitting from one set of 5dpn to the other set of 5dpn. Being the frugal-girl I am, I have decided to beat "Single Sock Syndrome" by dedicating myself only to the creation of the second sock. The first is merely practice, the second sock is game time. As for the demonic horde of store-bought single socks, they will soon meet their destiny of being torn from limb-to-limb (or should I say cuff-to-toe) to stuff the new dog bed.

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